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Teen Gift Box

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PomPom Box is a bi-monthly subscription box for tween and teen girls in Australia. We have two beautiful custom made boxes embossed with gold foil (white for tween and black for teen) with three different subscription options each.
PomPom Box is carefully curated for girls who love fashion, discovering new make-up and having fun. We discover new and interesting items from all corners of the world to share with you. It’s a perfect birthday gift or congratulations present for a loved one delivered to their doorstep.
10% profits will be donated to a different charity for each subscription. We also offer an option to buy a box for a child in PMH or Ronald McDonald House in Perth.

Our teen box is suitable for ages 13 + yrs)

Total Value $60+
Accept P.O. Box: Yes
Country of origin: Australia
Availability: Australia-wide
Our product changes bi-monthly, the fun is not knowing what is arriving on your doorstep! Shipping will begin in the first week on every second month, taking up to 1 week to arrive depending on location. Returns will not be accepted. *Free Gift for subscribers only*

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You could receive 50 Passion Points for writing a review and/or rating this product.