Cattitude Club

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Cattitude Club

Furry Friends

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A Cattitude Club gift is purrfect for treating your kitty or a cat loving friend!

The box will be filled with a selection of treats, toys and care products.

Being a member of Cattitude Club also gives you access to exclusive discounts to cat related products!
Accept P.O. Box: No
Country of origin: Australia
Availability: Australia-wide
Cattitude Club gifts are shipped on the 12th of the month following purchase.

Founder story

we all have a bit of cattitude!

It is simple. We love cats. All cats. Big cats, small cats, white cats, black cats. We love cats so much that we want them to have the luxury of joining an exclusive cat club and receiving a box full of new toys and treats every month! Cats in North America are spoilt for choice, so we wanted to bring the idea of cat subscription boxes to Australia. It is our mission to keep your kitty as happy and healthy as possible! That is why we have a resident quality control expert, our beautiful cat Sasha. She makes sure that everything you get in your box will keep you catisfied! Sasha is an affectionate four year old Birman that we rescued from our local shelter in early 2015. Only one cat you say? We are also foster carers for our local shelter, Cat Haven WA which means we regularly have foster kittens. We consider them our visiting quality control specialists and they always love to lend a helping paw when putting together the boxes!

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You could receive 50 Passion Points for writing a review and/or rating this product.