Maggie Beer 'Vine Grown Flavour'

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Maggie Beer 'Vine Grown Flavour'

Food & Fresh produce

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This hamper includes...

Coffee Vino Cotto 250mL
Fig Vino Cotto 250mL
Vino Cotto 250mL

This hamper is beautifully presented in a rustic cardboard box.
Accept P.O. Box: Yes
Country of origin: Australia
Availability: Australia-wide

Founder story

Gift Giving Made Easy

Inspired by Australia's abundance of fresh produce, Maggie Beer Products bases its reputation on Maggie Beer's own philosophy of using superior ingredients, in season, to produce gourmet products of the highest quality. Maggie's Verjuice, fruit pastes, pates, sauces, jams, oils, vinegars and premium ice creams allow gourmet to be part of every day. The Maggie Beer brand identity is well established in the gourmet food industry being intrinsically linked to the reputation, history and ongoing activities of Maggie, the person. At Maggie Beer, we believe there are things that should never be compromised – like quality and flavour – but that doesn’t mean you have to do all the hard work! As a further addition to Maggie’s popular gourmet range she has hand picked a bounty of her favourites to create beautiful hampers. The perfect gift for your colleagues and clients alike, hampers make sense to Maggie, who reasons, “When it comes to sending out a perfectly timed, perfectly chosen gift, I suspect many busy people begin to think, “Oh, I wish someone else would magically take care of this!” and after many requests, I’m thrilled to say we can. All are beautifully presented and priced to suit a variety of budgets.”

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You could receive 50 Passion Points for writing a review and/or rating this product.