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Stickles Sticker Subscription

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Selection of fun stickers, craft paper and a handpicked surprise
Perfect as a gift - it won't sit at the bottom of the toy box
Pure delight - kids love getting mail, and it'll entertain them for hours
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Packaged and sent from Australia
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Why Stickles?
We carefully curate a set of child-friendly stickers and deliver them to your door every month. They come in a variety of sizes and styles and are gender-neutral, with no commercial characters.

Give a gift that lasts longer than a day
Looking for a gift that’s both fun and stimulates creative play? Are you not sure what toys are their favourites or what they already have? Don't buy a gift that ends up at the bottom of the toy box.
Kids love getting mail that’s just for them. And even if you don't know exactly what they're into, stickers are guaranteed to light up any child’s face. The best part is, they won’t just be delighted on their birthday or at Christmas - they’ll enjoy the gift for months afterwards!

Watch the delight on your child's face
They run to the mailbox and find a letter just for them. But even better - there are stickers inside! But it's not all for them...
Are you sick of unused toys cluttering up your house? Do you need to get something done but want to avoid screen-time?
Stickers are a great way for kids to entertain themselves - both at home and out and about. They can use them for crafts, to decorate items and even in role play. You’ll be amazed at how creative your child will be with something so simple. And you won't have to worry about toy rotation - they'll get a new, specially curated set every month!

Each package contains
* 7 sheets of stickers - all gender-neutral and character-free
* 3 sheets of craft paper
* And a handpicked surprise!
Accept P.O. Box: Yes
Country of origin: Australia
Availability: Australia-wide

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You could receive 50 Passion Points for writing a review and/or rating this product.